Light eyed and fair skinned, supermodel Aimal Khan is the quintessential Pathan. His ties to the region, however, are more than just skin deep. Having grown up in Peshawar, the city has not only shaped his identity and his values – it continues to hold a deep attachment for him, beckoning him to return to his native land whenever he gets the chance. On his last visit to his home city, Aimal took us around some of Peshawar’s most captivating historical spots. From the mystical aura of the Qissa Khwani Bazaar to the architectural splendour of the Sethi Haveli, he soaks in his favourite spots as the country’s most celebrated travel photographer, Mobeen Ansari captures the walkabout.

Model: Aimal Khan

Photography: Mobeen Ansari

Wardrobe: Republic by Omar Farooq

Footwear: Borjan Shoes

Grooming: Toni & Guy