Acclaimed photographer Mobeen Ansari captures the changing hues and magical landscape of Hunza during blossom season, as the valley shakes off the blanket of snow that covered its peaks during winter and emerges in bloom for the summer.

I absolutely love photographing blossoms under full moon, and this was one of those shots taken in Gulmit, in Gojal district (also known as upper Hunza).
A cat sits under a newly bloomed tree, Gulmit.
In the heart of Kamaris, near Ondra Fort, Gulmit.
Altit Fort and Altit village, on an early morning. This photo was taken last year which was my first apricot blossom trip.
An early morning walk, somewhere in Karimabad.
Sheep passing through a beautifully engraved doorway, in Gulmit. This was in the early days of the blossom season, hence the purple hue.
Ganesh, central Hunza.
A cattle house in upper Gulmit.