Q + A with Supermodel Aimal Khan

Hi Aimal, what are you up to? 

AK: I’m hanging out at the LSAs after-party at the HSY Mansion.

What’s your favourite place on earth? 

AK: Home, Peshawar.

What do you love to eat? 

AK: Desi food, daal chawal and tawwa chicken.

How do you like to travel? 

AK: Light.

Your best friends – animals or people? 

AK: People.

The one thing you can’t live without? 

AK: Attention! Joking… in reality, I prefer being away from the spotlight.

What keeps you awake at night? 

AK: A good party.

What makes you go to sleep? 

AK: My routine, which is a solid workout followed by a greasy meal.

This month of yours in three words… 

AK: Exhausting, exhilarating and intense.

Books or movies? 

AK: Movies

You dream about? 

AK: Yachts, beaches and Victoria’s Secret models.

How old are you? 

AK: I’m an old soul…

What’s the best thing about being your age? 

AK: My stamina.

What’s the worst thing about being your age? 

AK: I’m restless.

Tell us about love. 

AK: I can tell you about feelings, but not love – it’s just not happened yet!

What’s something you believe but other people think is insane? 


Who runs the world? 

AK: Hahaha, I know you ladies want me to say it but no, it’s not what Beyoncé says; it’s business people!

If you were hosting DESTINATIONS for dinner, what would the menu be? 

AK: A bit of everything.

Are you saying we look confused? 

AK: No, you are well travelled and sophisticated.

Would you rather be predictable or spontaneous? 

AK: Spontaneous, always spontaneous.

If you could time travel back in time, when would it be? And who would you hang out with? 

AK: Is that a question even? Cleopatra, of course.

Describe your living space to us. 

AK: A bachelor pad – and I’ll leave the rest to your imagination.

What’s a perfect day for you? 

AK: Twenty-four hours of sleep… being in bed all day, eating healthy and watching mindless TV.

What’s the most embarrassing thing you’ve ever done? 

AK: Too many moments to mention, but a recent one has to be a dance dare while on stage at the Republic show for PSFW17.

How long does it take for you to decide what to wear?

AK: Forever and somehow, I feel I mess it up… don’t I?

Your perfect companion? 

AK: She’s somewhere out there.

Describe yourself.

AK: I’m funny, loyal to a fault and honest.

Sum up your personality in one quote. 

AK: Be yourself and the world will adjust.

Photography & Styling: MOHSIN KHAWAR