Mangla, named after a Hindu goddess, is located 12 km from Mirpur in AJK. It rests at the mouth of the Mangla Dam, one of the largest earth-fill dams in the world, and is the site of the historic Ramkot Fort.

How to get there:
Mangla is located at a distance of 250 km from Lahore, roughly a 4-hour drive. One can opt for either the M2 Motorway or the GT Road. From Islamabad, the place can be reached in 2 hours.

What to do:

Mangla Lake and its surrounding areas offer various water sports activities as well as sight-seeing opportunities. Boating and fishing are popular with families and a nearby park makes for an excellent picnic spot. History buffs can make the 10-minute boat trip to see Ramkot Fort atop a hill, offering picturesque views of the Mangla Dam and lake.

Where to stay:
Given the lack of accommodation options in Mangla and its proximity to both Lahore and Islamabad, it is best to plan a day trip. Alternatively, one can stay the night in Mirpur city, a 20-minute drive from Mangla