Nestlé Pakistan is stepping up its efforts to support vulnerable communities. The company is mobilizing relief supplies, in the form of donating 250,000 liters of clean drinking water and 10,000 liters of milk, in the second phase to support vulnerable communities affected by the devastating floods following National Disaster Management Authority’s (NDMA) calls for flood relief efforts across Pakistan.

Nestlé has already sent 60,000 liters of water to NDMA for flood relief efforts in Balochistan earlier last month.

Highlighting the efforts, Samer Chedid, CEO Nestlé Pakistan said, “Access to clean drinking water is the biggest concern for communities displaced by flooding across Pakistan and that’s where we are focusing the bulk of our efforts.”

He added that the company had invited its employees to make voluntary donations for the affected communities. The donation intimations by employees will be matched 1:1 by Nestlé Pakistan.

Nestlé Pakistan will be working closely with national and provincial disaster management authorities to support them in relief work for the people and the communities affected by natural calamities. The company is working tirelessly to ensure that much-needed food and beverage products are available for our consumers across Pakistan.

At Nestlé, we care deeply for people and for the communities in which we operate, and we believe we have an essential role to play during times of crisis.