The nation sinks deep into mourning as news of former prime minister Rani Shah’s assassination arrives. Despite countless conspiracy theories, the needle of suspicion points most immediately to Madam Shah’s close confidante Nazeen Khan, who was seen sitting right beside her in the convoy and, oddly, escaped the bomb blast unscathed. Debut novelist, Sabyn Javeri’s pens an intriguing tale of friendship between two ambitious women set against the backdrop of a country mired deep in fanaticism and patriarchy. Striking resemblance between real life events and the happenings chronicled in this book have led many to widely believe it is the story of Benazir Bhutto and Naheed Khan but Javeri inexhaustibly waves away all comparison between the life and times of Pakistan’s famous erstwhile premier and her aide to the character of Rani Shah and the narrator, Nazo. Nobody Kills Her is a political crime thriller that is sure to keep you hooked with courtroom drama, suspense and a style of writing best described as noir. According to insider news, film rights to the novel have been bought by Fox Star.