Madeeha Syed
Madeeha Syed is a journalist, an award- winning documentary filmmaker and radio correspondent constantly looking for excuses to travel. She hates heights but loves mountains; is a long-distance cyclist and certified one-star CMAS diver. And by the end of most trips, a broke backpacker.

Sun, Sand, Sea & Steel

It’s only a couple of hours from Karachi and not on anyone’s ‘top destination’ list, but for journalist and award-winning documentary filmmaker, Madeeha Syed  visiting the shipbreaking yard at Gadani,

Unveiling Balochistan

Photography: Amna Zuberi Journalist and travel enthusiast Madeeha Syed travels to what is generally considered the “Wild West” of Pakistan. As she digs her heels deeper into the unknown terrain,

In & Out of LOVE

Journalist Madeeha Syed makes an amorous trip to Bahawalpur, hoping to find romance in the little princely state where grandeur and glory formerly ruled life. After four days of searching,

Into The Deep

“Normal” diving in Pakistan is “difficult” diving anywhere else in the world. But the effort is worth it, given the presence of beautiful reefs that are bursting with aquatic life.

The Charm of CHOWKANDI

At the end of a dusty road, hidden behind tankers parked by squatters, lies one of Pakistan’s oldest known heritage sites. Some of the greatest and most-preserved archaeological artefacts of

SARAJEVO Stole My Heart

Sarajevo is a city that is rebuilding on its ruins. It’s a city with a rich and vibrant Roman, Ottoman and Austro-Hungarian past. Twenty years after the Yugoslavian wars, Sarajevo

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