Hosted by the Goethe-Institute Pakistan, the Lahore Biennale Foundation (LBF), Beaconhouse National University and the Centre for Culture and Development (CKU), City in Context was a 4-day symposium with a mix of workshops, talks, performances, discussions and exhibitions bringing together poets and writers, theoreticians, artists and architects, musicians, activists, urbanists and various other practitioners from diverse fields of study.

Aroosa Rana
Harris Syed, Romana Abdullah, Asma Chishty and Fatima Fazli
Adnan Madani and Rashid Rana
Mira Hashmi
Qudsia Rahim and Abdullah Qureishi

Noor Aslam
Raza Dada

Mohsin Hamid
Seher Tareen
Jugnu Mohsin and Najam Sethi
Ali Sethi
Saba Khan
Rehan Bashir
Nav Haq, H M Naqvi, Quddus Mirza, Risham Hosain Syed, Salima Hashmi, Raza Dada, Qmar Nagati and Haajra Haider Karrar