Superstars Mahira Khan and Bilal Ashraf recently found themselves onboard Daewoo Express as they travelled from Islamabad to Lahore for the promotion of their upcoming film release. In a candid conversation, we talk to them about the benefits of public transport, the importance of being environmentally aware and their love for the people of their country.

How do you find the experience of travelling on Daewoo Express?
Mahira Khan: This is the 5th time I’ve travelled on Daewoo and I love it. I love being here and I always, always opt for Daewoo even though sometimes people are like, ‘oh no, let’s take the plane’. But I like travelling like this, being able to see my country and have the chance to hang out with everybody. Plus the journey is always comfortable, safe and enjoyable. 
Bilal Ashraf: I’ve travelled a lot on Daewoo. Moreover, my first ever shoot was with DESTINATIONS and I think I have a close relation with the magazine because my film journey when Janaan was released started with DESTINATIONS.

Superstar has done a great job showcasing Pakistan as you’ve shot in various cities…
Bilal Ashraf: Yes, the movie was shot in several cities of Pakistan including Peshawar, Karachi, Lahore, Gharo, Hyderabad, and Nathiagali. It’s similar to how Daewoo and DESTINATIONS are covering and promoting the whole of Pakistan.

What is the one destination in Pakistan that you would recommend to our readers?
Mahira Khan: I would really suggest going to Peshawar because I think it is a beautiful city; honestly, it’s one of my favourite cities right now in Pakistan. I would go there again in a heartbeat. It is best to go there around winter, like we did. The weather was beautiful, and the people were amazing. And, of course, go up north. No other place in the world can rival Pakistan’s beautiful northern areas.
Bilal Ashraf: Peshawar! The food, the culture, the people, and the love they give to you, everything there is amazing. Do visit Peshawar if you haven’t.

We have recently launched #SaafDestinations, an awareness campaign around keeping Pakistan clean and green; please comment.
Bilal Ashraf: I think it’s a great initiative and I thank DESTINATIONS for contributing positively to society. 

What’s the one headline you would want to see splashed across the cover of DESTINATIONS?
Mahira Khan: The blockbuster movie, Superstar, does a business of 100 crores!
Bilal Ashraf: Superstar breaks all records in the Pakistan film industry!

Any message for your fans and trollers?
Mahira Khan: Just one message for all my fans that I love them, and they know that. I am very grateful for them. Half of the reason I work that hard is for them. I want them to be like ‘yes, this is the person we stand for.’ And I don’t have anything to say to my trolls.
Bilal Ashraf: Message to my trollers: try harder! Message to my fans: believe in yourself and follow your dreams.