Lahore is the City of Gardens. It’s green and beautiful- and always has been. However, today it’s also a city of 13 million people. Which means it’s also expanding at an astronomical rate. To keep up with today’s challenges of a big city, we need more than lovely gardens. We need strong trees and plenty of urban forestation. The recent rise in environmental hazards have led leaders and change-makers to step in and step up the game.

With Prime Minister Imran Khan’s continued commitment to fight climate change, PHA under the able leadership of the Government of Punjab, has recently launched a landmark project. 51 urban forests will be planted in various locations across Lahore. Using the Miyawaki method for sustainable and eco-friendly living, these forests have been planted with indigenous flora to improve the city’s ecological footprint and welcome back diminishing fauna within our urban spaces.
Once the forests are grown, their experiential value will be incredible. They would provide people with a place to disconnect, a place to contemplate and the perfect place for forest bathing.
So this spring DESTINATIONSxPHA invite you to come and plant your tree, be a part of the cityscape and find your place under the sun.

Healthy minds = healthy bodies, making Lahore truly a #CitytoLove2021.